Amanda came to me when she was feeling stuck in her career. What emerged in our coaching surprised us both!


Mike is a former CEO who came to coaching to clarify his future direction during a period of transition in both his personal and professional life.


Joan is a senior leader educator in health. Here Joan explains how coaching has helped her professional development.


Sydney was one of a group of young interns at BAYCAT, a non-profit in San Francisco tackling the lack of diversity in digital media. I coached Sydney over a period of three months. Here's what she had to say....

The coaching has been a fantastic experience – I’ve learned a lot about myself and feel better equipped, practically and emotionally, to run my business and manage home life. It really has been life changing.

— Tracey, freelance professional, UK

It feels like you gave me a book and let me open it at any page... and then helped me to read it.

— Petra, language teacher, UK

I was glad Jane was put in my way and received what I needed at the right time with a lot of tact and sweetness. Her style is warm, witty and reassuring. At times I was stuck in my mind and thoughts. Jane always had the MAGIC way to steer the discussion and unveil the reality. I am very satisfied with the outcome of our sessions. A few days later I cannot think they could happen differently. What was supposed to be revealed simply happened.

— Sandra, National Officer in an international humanitarian organisation, Lebanon

The participation in coaching helped me to understand what person I want to become and how to go towards this primary goal. The sessions helped me in a time of transition to balance my family and professional goals. The sessions helped me to feel myself much more grounded in my values and confident about pursuing my professional goals. The sessions helped me truly move forward with life.

I am still working on my self-development, using new skills and techniques that I have been provided. Jane helped me to figure out my strengths and core values to ensure that I incorporated these into my future activities and decisions, to follow-up. Moreover, the sessions helped me to discover professional development direction that is of high importance for me, which is like a star for me to follow now.

I keep on working on myself everyday to see more results and improvements.

Working with Jane was truly a wonderful experience! Jane is friendly, reliable, professional, as well as a fantastic listener. I liked how precisely Jane could formulate the questions, so that answering them was both challenging and rewarding for me.

— Mrs. Nodira Saidkarimova, International Organization for Migration Programme Assistant, Uzbekistan

I have recently worked through a series of coaching sessions with Jane. Jane has been able to help me to look at the things that are important in my life and has been pivotal, I believe, in empowering me to make positive changes. These changes have been in both my personal and my work life. I believe it has been Jane's ability to listen and to work with me to help me explore my own values that has been most beneficial. I have grown both professionally and as a person over the time we have worked together.

— Debra Holmes, Consultant at PebblePad, UK

I learned so much about myself during the Strengths Profiling and, thanks to Jane’s insightful, instinctive coaching, I was able to develop a rounded picture of who I am at my best and how I can really unlock my unrealised strengths. She kept me in a mindful place where I could acknowledge and champion my realised strengths and through powerful questioning, enabled me see how these could support the development of my unrealised ones. I felt safe, supported and challenged, and through setting appropriate goals which are really helpful to my development both as a leader and a coach, I left with a clear inspired idea of how to move forward. I would absolutely recommend Jane to guide you through this process - it was invaluable!

— Trish Dooley, Professional and Personal Coach/Leadership Consultant, UK

Coaching gave me the possibility to reflect and discuss what I really want (and not what others want). Also through discussing with my coach, I got new ideas about ways to address issues. I have made no changes yet, but prepared for these changes which will come soon thanks to coaching. So I feel I have learnt about possible new ways to achieve my goals. Thank you very much for your help. You really focus on letting the client find the solutions by themselves and let the client lead the discussion.

— Claudie, Senior HR Policy Officer, Switzerland

I really appreciated our interaction, I felt at ease even to talk about personal issues. I found your approach uplifting and valorising, you were a good guide in the process without imposing the path. I particularly appreciated your softness and tact during all our interaction and the fact that you could transmit positive energy all the way long.

— Gemma, International Humanitarian Professional, Côte d'Ivoire

The most useful aspect of coaching was that you could listen so brilliantly and just let me open up my world and find a way, thanks to your powerful questions. I found your style to be calm, warm, structured, with very good listening and connection.

— Ashish, Professional Coach, Germany

Working with Jane has been an uplifting and highly motivating experience. Jane’s coaching style was enabling, empowering and delivered me the opportunity to dust away the intellectual cobwebs and address personal blockers that were holding me back.

Jane uses an easy to access self-participative approach, purposeful insights and the latest techniques to bring out the best of you during her dynamic person centred coaching sessions.

I’d highly recommend working with her for those seeking clarity, extra support for career changing and/or life transitions.

— Simona Davidson, Angus, Scotland

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