I work with people who want to make a contribution to the wellbeing of others and to the planet.

Those who are drawn to work with me tend to be people who are care deeply about their work and want to make a difference in the world. They are often creative, not necessarily in the artistic sense, but they are innovative, free thinkers.

I am trained in Co-Active coaching, which is a holistic approach that starts from the belief that you already have the answers to the challenges that you face. My job is to help you access your own creativity and resourcefulness. Focussing on the whole person is one of the cornerstones of the Co-Active Model and this is why personal and professional development are intertwined. We may start coaching in one area and end up in entirely another. So the impact of coaching can reach far into your work as well as benefitting other parts of your life.

Download the Co-Active Model to learn more about my coaching approach (PDF: 200KB).

Or visit the Co-Active Training Institute to learn more.

You already have the answers to the challenges that you face. My job is to help you access your own creativity and resourcefulness.

How it works

Coaching usually takes place online through my virtual coaching room. Some people like to work with video, others prefer the introspection that comes with audio or phone coaching.

You bring your own agenda, your own goals and your own life experience. Every coaching relationship is different but there is a common process:

Development Coaching What Really Matters

What REALLY matters?

Together we’ll find out about your values, your strengths, and you will reconnect with the essence of what is important to you in your life. As you start to feel more energised, you are better able to see, and claim, what you want for yourself and your future.

Development Coaching Another Way To Look At This

What’s another way to look at this?

When you are stuck, it can feel like there are no choices. I’ll help you to step out of your fixed perspective, silence your inner critic, dream big and widen your horizons.

Development Coaching What Action Can I Take Right Now

What action can I take right now?

Coaching is about making changes. As you reconnect with your own resourcefulness, and with what fires you up and gives you energy I’ll be there alongside you, keeping you accountable, as you test and try out new ways of being in the world.

Let the body talk

Coaching is more than a powerful conversation. In Co-Active coaching we also listen to what the body is saying: I’ll encourage you to tune into your body and listen to the messages that your body holds. I’ll prompt you to use images and metaphors to describe your feelings and, as we work together, you will build up a rich inner landscape and vocabulary that will help you to make your unknown, known. This is the fun and creative part and most clients really love this aspect of the coaching.

It feels like you gave me a book and let me open it at any page... and then helped me to read it.

— Petra, language teacher, UK

Choose your Personal and Professional Development package

Depending on your needs, we might decide to work together over a period of 3-12 months – or you might prefer to design a more open-ended package. Coaching sessions are usually an hour long and my standard rate for individuals and non-profit organisations is £115 per session. I operate a sliding scale for people on a low income.

I will occasionally take on short term pro bono (free) work for people who are not currently in a position to pay. Please contact me directly for details of how to apply for a Cat’s Whiskers Scholarship.

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