Your strengths are your gifts to the world: don’t keep them locked away! I’ll help you to recognise your strengths and support you to make best use of them at work, at home and in your relationships with others.

The beauty of understanding your strengths is you learn the path of least resistance. By concentrating on doing what you love – and find easy – you find ways to let your energy flow, instead of feeling like you are pushing water uphill.

Ten research-based benefits for knowing your strengths

CAPP research confirms that people who use their strengths more:

  1. Are happier
  2. Are more confident
  3. Have higher levels of self-esteem
  4. Have higher levels of energy and vitality
  5. Experience less stress
  6. Are more resilient
  7. Are more likely to achieve their goals
  8. Perform better at work
  9. Are more engaged at work
  10. Are more effective at developing themselves and growing as individuals

Using our strengths is the smallest thing we can do to make the biggest difference.

— Alex Linley, Centre of Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP)

The Strengths Profile

We’ll be using the CAPP (Centre of Applied Positive Psychology) Strengths Profile, a widely respected and robust assessment tool based on extensive research and endorsed by the British Psychological Society. The Strengths Profile offers deep insights, assessing your strengths across three areas.

Strengths Coaching How Well You Perform


How well do you perform when using your strengths?

Strengths Coaching How Energised You Are


How energised are you by using your strengths?

Strengths Coaching How Often You Use Strengths


How often do you use your strengths?

Strengths are not just things you are good at – they are the things you enjoy doing and that fill you with energy. When you are fully realising your strengths they bring you into a state of flow, where time stands still and you are fully present to what you are doing.

Strength: an energising activity that is done well and often.

How it works

Choose a Strengths Coaching package to suit you. We’ll meet for an initial chat and I’ll send you a link for your 20 minute online assessment.

You will receive an 18 page in-depth report revealing where all 60 strengths sit in your Profile and how they are distributed across the Strengths Families. Your unique Profile will itemise your realised strengths, your unrealised strengths, your learned behaviours and your weaknesses.

We’ll then meet online, via Zoom, to explore how you can use your realised strengths wisely, your learned behaviours when needed, your weaknesses less and how you can tap the treasure that hides in your unrealised strengths.

If you opt for continuing coaching, you will set your personal and professional development goals to follow using the path of least resistance.

Strengths Profile Preview Crop

I learned so much about myself during the Strengths Profiling and, thanks to Jane’s insightful, instinctive coaching, I was able to develop a rounded picture of who I am at my best and how I can really unlock my unrealised strengths.

— Trish Dooley, Professional and Personal Coach/Leadership Consultant, UK

Choose your Strengths Coaching package

I offer a 90 mins Strengths Profile debrief and strategy session which includes an 18 page strengths assessment report and an optional video/audio recording of the session for £200. This can be combined with regular follow-on coaching at a rate of £115 per session. There is a sliding scale for people on a low income.

I will occasionally take on short term pro bono (free) work for people who are not currently in a position to pay. Please contact me directly for details of how to apply for a Cat’s Whiskers Scholarship.

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