Future Proofing

How coaching can help you negotiate a complex world

Partnering with a professionally trained coach can build your resilience and develop your skills for the future. Here's why you need to think about future-proofing yourself and your career now...

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Online Coaching: Does it really work?

Is it really possible to coach effectively online? In this article I explain why I think online coaching not only works well but often can be more powerful than in-person coaching.


Six reasons you might tell yourself not to hire a coach

Not sure if coaching is for you? Here’s why you might want to think again.

Woman top of mountain

Ten ways to survive and thrive when you work for yourself

Here are the top ten themes that I've learned from experience and that arise with my self-employed clients.


The simple power of coaching ‘presence’

The secret to powerful coaching is both simple and profound – it is about being completely present and open to the person in front of you...

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